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Singer, Songwriter, Educator, Performer

Hello Friends,

I have decided that the time has come to turn the page and to embrace the next chapter in my life.

I am no longer performing concerts.

When I reflect on the last 35 years of performing for you, your children, and grandchildren, I feel very blessed to have been able to share my songs with you. Honored really, that my songs have been part of so many people's growing up years. It has been an amazing career and I cannot thank you enough for all the joy you have given me.

Sadly, I will greatly miss being with you in the schools. I am looking forward to spending more time with my family and friends and staying a little closer to home. I also look forward to writing some new songs and working on a memoir of my singer-songwriter story. I'll keep in touch through my website and facebook and hope you'll continue to share my songs with the next generation to come!

My CD's, Books, and DVD's will always be available here

Thank you for your wonderful support over the years.
Your friend,
Rick Charette

With a background in education and music, and a passion and talent for writing for children from a child's perspective,  Rick has been writing and performing for children for 35 years.  Published in 1983, his first collection of  songs, "Bubblegum" was followed in 1985 by "Alligator in the Elevator."
The success of these early collections launched a full-time career of writing and performing for young audiences.

As a family man with three children of his own, early inspirations came from home and children in the neighborhood.  From school classrooms, gyms and auditoriums, concert venues large and small, parks, fairgrounds, campgrounds (and even a parade float!) Rick shares his songs, songs that delight in the joys of childhood.  From school-age children and preschoolers to grownups who first heard the songs when they were kids, his audiences are all inclusive where generations enjoy the music together.

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Rick Charette releases his 12th CD of new songs for kids. (view press release)

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