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Rick Charette releases new CD


JUNE 3, 2016

From: Pine Point Records

Contact:  Roy Clark

Email:  roy@pinepoint.com

Phone: 207-892-7175

Rick Charette Releases New Childrens CD

Pine Point Records is pleased to announce that Rick Charette, Maine's popular children's singer-songwriter, has released a new CD of all original songs.

The CD, titled "Seven Ate Nine", is Charette's 12th album of original kids music and contains 16 original new tracks. The album, 4 years in the making, grew from the inspiration Charette received from his performance tours and workshops with young children throughout the US and the arrival of his new granddaughters. Several of the song ideas came from songwriting workshops as children would share ideas from a point of view that only a child could imagine.

"Seven Ate Nine", the title track of the CD, draws from the classic number riddle, "why is six afraid of seven?" The songs include an energetic "Riding On A Zipline"; a catchy repeated chorus in "I Want to Get My Backpack Back"; a tender moment in "My Mom"; a fishy song called "Humuhumunukunukuapua’a"; and an endearing anticipation many kids can relate to in "A New Baby Is Coming To Our House".

Produced by well-known Maine producer, John Stuart, and arranged by long-time accompanist, Roy Clark, the CD features some of Maine's finest players including Andy Argondizza, Lance Burpee, Pat Keane, Mike Burd and Max Cantlin.

With both jazz and pop influences, the new songs stay true to the style and earnest delivery of Charette's previous albums and songs such as "Alligator in The Elevator" and "I Love Mud".

Rick Charette began his career in 1983 with the release of his first album "Bubblegum" by Activity Records in New York, which was soon followed by "Alligator In The Elevator" (which contains his anthemic song "I Love Mud") on his own Pine Point Records label. He went on to create ten more CD's, two picture books and several DVD’s that altogether have sold nearly a half million copies throughout the US.   

From the start, Charette's music caught the ears and attention of parents, grandparents, critics and young children across the United States and beyond as his honest style and sincere, pleasant voice carried his unique orginal songs. Over the years his music has been featured on Walt Disney and Peter Pan Records and has been covered by many childrens artists around the country. Rick Charette continues to perform in schools and concert venues where new generations of young children are experiencing his music for the first time, singing the Charette tunes that their parents sang when they were young.

The CD is available at Bull Moose locations in Maine and online at rickcharette.com